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Richard Terry-Lloyd


Richard Terry-Lloyd

Richard Terry-Lloyd is the Chief Revenue Officer at Narvar, a developer of intelligent business platforms aimed at increasing corporate revenue and reducing operating costs for leading e-commerce brands. His many years of sales experience and his passion for leveraging the power of technology have made him a leading GTM (Go-To-Market) expert who helps companies reach their targeted customer base more effectively and achieve a substantial advantage over their competitors.

For more than 25 years, he has forged a noteworthy career as a business technology and fintech leader specializing in applying digital business tools and creative marketing strategies to grow SaaS companies rapidly. He has an impressive list of companies he has helped grow and develop, including, Zuora, SuccessFactors (a digital HR/payroll platform developer), and AppZen, for whom he has helped drive record-breaking growth and brand awareness.

At Narvar, he transitioned to Chief Revenue Officer from his advisory role, in which he helped the company build its sales team and implement more productive sales methodologies. He also provided critical guidance on the company’s successful global expansion.

His base of operations within the Bay Area puts him in a prime location to fulfill his passion for scaling startups from launch through IPO. He boasts an impressive track record in helping companies from <$10M in ARR to well over $300M in ARR. 

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Richard Terry-Lloyd



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