About Richard Terry-Lloyd

Richard Terry-Lloyd is the Chief Revenue Officer at Narvar, a developer of intelligent business platforms aimed at increasing corporate revenue and reducing operating costs for leading e-commerce brands. His many years of sales experience and his passion for leveraging the power of technology have made him a leading GTM (Go-To-Market) expert who helps companies reach their targeted customer base more effectively and achieve a substantial advantage over their competitors.

For more than 25 years, he has forged a noteworthy career as a business technology and fintech leader specializing in applying digital business tools and creative marketing strategies to grow SaaS companies rapidly. He has an impressive list of companies he has helped grow and develop, including salesforce.com, Zuora, SuccessFactors (a digital HR/payroll platform developer), and AppZen, for whom he has helped drive record-breaking growth and brand awareness.

At Narvar, he transitioned to Chief Revenue Officer from his advisory role, in which he helped the company build its sales team and implement more productive sales methodologies. He also provided critical guidance on the company’s successful global expansion.

His base of operations within the Bay Area puts him in a prime location to fulfill his passion for scaling startups from launch through IPO. He boasts an impressive track record in helping companies from <$10M in ARR to well over $300M in ARR. 


He began his post-secondary education as a Civil Engineering student at the University of California at Davis, a college ranked in the Top 10 among national public universities. While his engineering studies at UC Davis developed a keen interest in applying scientific principles to benefit the physical world, he soon understood that he possessed innate business skills.

He went on to gain his MBA at the University of San Francisco. To further prepare himself for executive roles, he also completed a certificate in Leadership from the Harvard Business School.

Professional Specialties

Market Penetration and Expansion – Multi-tiered Sales and Marketing – Strategic Business Planning – Sales Team Best Practices – Multinational Sales Organizations – Global Business and Revenue Development – Corporate Networking – Team Building and Coaching – P&L Management – Price Negotiations

Industry Experience

Narvar – Advisor, Chief Revenue Officer (CRO)

Responsible for revenue management concerning internal operations, including marketing, sales, partnerships, and pricing and packaging. Oversees and executes business strategies in the company’s growing revenue streams across product lines, customer personas, and market segments

AppZen – Chief Revenue Officer

His executive role at this AI-focused financial applications firm has been instrumental in growing the company’s sales team by 250%. He expanded the company’s strategic direction to include all market segments from SMB through large multinational businesses as well as multiple product lines. Under his sales leadership, he helped double the company’s growth and increased its customer base by 338%, including new contracts from 1/3 of the country’s Fortune 500 corporations.

Zuora – Senior Vice President Sales

His executive role at Zuora resulted in a 50X increase in sales headcount and a 33X increase in the company’s customer base. He achieved these corporate goals through multiple go-to-market motions, including specialized account teams focused on specific market segments, including commercial, mid-market, and verticals. During his tenure at Zuora, he realized his firm belief that sales success lies in developing the right people who are mentored and trained in specialized markets and customer scenarios.

salesforce.com – Regional Vice President Sales 

At salesforce.com, he developed his GTM leadership skills. It was here that he recognized the untapped business potential of the SDR and BDR roles in building the pipeline. He also capitalized on the SMB markets and how they can be developed into a key growth engine. His multi-pronged sales and product management strategies were instrumental in launching salesforce.com’s global expansion of the commercial and SMB divisions.

Professional Affiliations

KLIMB Board Member from 2017 to present

Founded by Lindsay Terry-Lloyd, the mission of KLIMB is to help dyslexic children by providing cost-effective literacy intervention within the framework of a fun, mentor-based format.

Trendslide Board of Advisors 2013

A SaaS startup that identifies short and long-term business trends to help business owners gain economic and market insight.

Car IQ Advisor from 2019 to present

Car IQ is developing a payment gateway for fleet managers that enables autonomous validation and payment for services, removing the need for credit cards in vehicle service and payment workflows. Car IQ’s dynamic vehicle identity management capabilities allow data to be governed at the vehicle level, putting trust in the vehicle and eliminating vehicle expense fraud.

Personal Life

Richard Terry-Lloyd was born in South Africa and currently resides in Burlingame, California, a picturesque community with a considerable shoreline and numerous eucalyptus groves. He enjoys traveling and spending quality time with his wife and three children. In his spare time, you can find him surfing in the chilly waters of San Francisco’s Ocean Beach or watching an international rugby match, a sport in which he played for the United States All-American Rugby Team while studying at the University of California at Davis.

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